The name LittleWoodenTable reflects our nostalgic and humble beginnings.

As a child, we all had that little wooden table where we drew and coloured our imaginary worlds, that little wooden table where we played a plethora of roles in our make-believe world with our childhood companions. In our little world then, a little wooden table held countless possibilities.

As adults, we started off on a little wooden table in a HDB flat, experimenting with and tweaking many recipes, facing some kitchen disasters and having some meltdowns before we were finally satisfied with a few classic bakes and dishes which we shared with our family and friends, over that very same little wooden table. In our big wide world now, that little wooden table held precious memories and still holds countless possibilities.

Our friends encouraged us to take a step forward, and share our food and bakes with the rest of the world, which we are now very excited to be doing. We may have a limited menu now, but we hope to continually evolve and learn, bringing more and better food to that little wooden table, just for you.

We believe in leading a healthy lifestyle where eating well, exercising often and resting should all co-exist. We believe that life is about balance, so while we have our salads, we also need to have our cakes! This is also why we take care to make our bakes less sweet and more healthy where possible, without any use of artificial additives, allowing for its natural flavours and rustic look to shine through while not compromising on the taste.

We bake using the freshest and finest ingredients, crafting each bake with passion, packaging it with love, hoping that it will bring you much warmth, happiness and satisfaction with every bite, while sharing in your happy moments. Enjoy!